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integrated data management and visualization solution

ChemBioViz is an integrated data management and visualization solution that helps researchers to leverage the value of their data by combining the data organization, linking, query and result management of ChemBioViz with the advanced data visualization and analysis of the TIBCO Spotfire® software - in one solution with one common interface

- Researchers can use ChemBioViz to quickly combine, filter, view and manipulate structure and property data from multiple sources to create a more comprehensive and holistic view of data captured

- ChemBioViz provides a basic set of display and visualizations tools such as 2D plots and data filters.

- Integration with the TIBCO Spotfire® software adds advanced visualization tools for powerful data analysis without requiring time consuming and error prone manual data transfer

- The insights that researchers can gain through the enhanced data visualization of the TIBCO Spotfire software help to drive better decision making

ChemBioViz enables users to easily search their data and combine findings from otherwise separate sources without having to go through complex procedures for linking and manipulating their data. Researchers can examine results in table, form and grid layouts, save hit lists, export results, drill down to more data detail and more.
Result sets from ChemBioViz can be pushed to the TIBCO Spotfire software where researchers have access to state-of-the-art data visualization and analysis tools and display options that allow further interactive exploration of data sets. Tight integration between the two applications is maintained. As researchers browse through the data in one interface, the other is automatically updated by selecting the same records, scrolling, etc.

ChemBioViz manages all relevant data in a common interface that reduces overall cycle time, streamlines scientific workflows and drives better decision making as researchers and research organizations strive to accelerate the discovery process.

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