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Web-based SPC reporting

World-class manufacturers use NWA Quality Analyst Web Server to coordinate, standardize, and speed process reporting throughout the plant, enterprise, and supply chain. With Quality Analyst Web Server, you can instantly distribute your most current SPC charts to anyone, anywhere with a Web browser. The information you send can be defined to meet your customer or supplier's requirements, eliminating the need for them to search through thick reports to find the information relevant to them. Users have the ability to view charts for a quick snapshot, or to drill down into the chart data for deeper analysis. This ability to produce up-to-the-minute, standardized SPC reporting worldwide through a universal analytical tool bridges the gap between remote locations and enables faster, more informed and consistent decision-making.

  • Distribute SPC charts anytime, anywhere
  • View real-time SPC data worldwide
  • Match content detail to each user's needs
  • Retain total data security
  • Develop and subscribe to exception reports

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  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000

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