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Automated quality data management and analytics

• Simplified Quality Database setup and management
• Fully integrated with NWA Suite of SPC Applications
• Easily shares information with existing systems
• Low on-going support and administration requirements
• Flexible management of quality information including measurement data, specifications, cause & action


• NWA Quality Analyst® is the core analytics engine and is the building block for the Quality System.
• NWA Quality Monitor® with NWA Quality Information Server™ expands the System to include rigorous electronic data input, monitoring, alarming, and reporting. Assignable Cause/ Corrective Action tagging of data creates a knowledge base for sharing best practices.
• NWA provides on-site Quick Start professional services to begin the screen designs, configuration, database setup, and network delivery of SPC charts and reports. Reports generated by SQL queries to the QIS database can be derived from templates or further customised by the company through MS SQL Reporting Services.
• Further integration of MS SQL Reporting Services with Adobe Acrobat Professional legitimizes electronic signature management for regulatory compliance.
• NWA’s Quality Information System can tie into external databases to retrieve customer specs, SOP documents, ERP standard costs, LIMS sample results, etc. using existing infrastructure.
• NWA Quality Monitor Supervisor™ consolidates the on-line alarming generated by Quality Monitor stations so that instant action can be taken for out-of-control conditions, reducing rework or waste.
• NWA Quality Analyst Web Server® completes the reporting from the plant floor to the enterprise to institutionalise company-wide quality monitoring, best practices reporting, supply chain quality, and global process improvement initiatives.

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  • Windows 2000

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